The Need for Speed

Speed Increase
Fast internet has always been important at TOG. Our internet speed has been upgraded from 8Mb to 20Mb, now also allowing for truly unlimited downloads.

As part of the changes we also changed landline number. If the space is open, before dropping in during the day, the landline can be used to check if it’s going to close shortly. Our new number is 076-6035359 or you can call us for free via a SIP phone device sip:togtogtog@ or blueface ext: 39367

Recognition As A Charitable Organisation

One of the earliest questions we had when starting TOG in the spring of 2009 was how much would it cost to keep a hackerspace in Ireland running? All of us can probably think some of the regular costs; rent, electricity, gas, internet, insurance, etc.

A less common known cost is rates. Rates is a form of local property tax paid directly to the local council. It is only paid by the occupiers of commercial or industrial properties.

The amount to be paid is calculated after an independent valuation by the Valuations Office which is multiplied by an amount set each year by the local council. For TOG our local council is Dublin City Council. Continue reading “Recognition As A Charitable Organisation”

Hackerspace @ Electric Picnic

Members from hackerspaces all over Ireland will be forming a temporary
hackerspace at Electric Picnic this year.

We will be in Mindfield area on Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm. Our home for the weekend will be the incredible inflatable Ignition Stage. We will be running  drop in workshops. Details of the workshops below. Come on by to learn, share, create.

Soldering Workshop

Learn how to solder. Make a pocket LED touch (Might come in handy
finding your tent) or a Flashing LED badge.

Origami Workshop

Origami experts will be on hand to teach you the art of paper folding.
Sit down and let your troubles fold away. Flapping Birds and Paper
flowers are waiting for you to fold them.

Craft Workshop

Do you fancy yourself a bit crafty ? A bunch a friendly crafters will
be ready to help you create your own unique LED bracelet or necklace.

To find us, check out this site map for the Mindfield area.