Bubble Birdhouse

We have been working on projects that all went down really well at Maker Faire this year and will be working on over the coming months to improve as we go along.

One project that I worked on with another member is the Bubble Birdhouse.

2013-07-21 14.04.20

It all started with some messing/science trying to make bubbles from washing up liquid and seeing what components are needed for a good bubble. Then trying to replicate what the commercial machines can do but build your own. Once we had this almost cracked we worked to scale up the project as we did for street performers event. We learned that children like to stick fingers into every bubble that comes out of the machine, so we came up with solutions for this.

We put it 6 foot off the ground, this was a really amazing experience to see how children and adults are drawn to bubbles.


Next stage is to take it all apart and redesign it from scratch like every project; rebuild and improve as we go along.

If you want to see the Bubble Birdhouse in action check out the end of this news piece.

The TwitterKnitter

One of TOG’s projects for the Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013. This 40 year old, entirely mechanical knitting machine was upgraded with servos, electronics and laser cut parts, and spent the day knitting tweets sent by attendees.

Empisal Knitmaster 321
Originally designed to take knitting patterns from punchcards…
Oh yes.
… so we upgraded it.
At the TOG stand at Dublin Mini Maker Faire
Fixed that stuck line :)

Dublin Mini Maker Faire: post-faire BBQ

Dublin Mini Maker Faire logoMaking and showing off can be such hard work, that’s why Tog are helping out the makers of Dublin Mini Maker Faire by hosting a wind down barbeque on the day after.  Last year’s BBQ was a great success, and with more makers at this year’s faire, it can only be better!

The BBQ will be hosted in Tog on Sunday the 28th of July from 2pm. Weather permitting we’ll be sitting in the yard, enjoying the smell of burning coals, otherwise we can huddle indoors and enjoy ourselves. Food will be provided, but you’ll have to bring your own beer (this way you can pick your favourite beer!).  Makers who were involved in the Faire will get free-in with their badges.  If you’re not a Maker, don’t fret, you can still join us for the reasonable sum of €5.

bbqIf you’re not a member, it’d be great if you can RSVP in the comments or by email, so we can plan for you.  We don’t want anyone to be left short of food!

Plenty of food for those who come, let us know in comments below.



From the Mail Bag – Call for Makers – Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome - The European Edition

Call for Makers for Maker Faire Rome is now open. Coined as the european edition, this is the first year that a Maker Faire will take place in Rome. The event itself is in October from the 3rd until the 6th.  The organizers of the faire have sent us an Ambassador pack filled with flyers,  posters, stickers,  badges and a special edition Arduino Uno. Any of these can be picked up from the space apart from the Uno which will be given away as a prize. Photos below.





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