Accepted to Maker Faire UK

UK-MMF-1We are ecstatic to have been accepted to this year’s Maker Faire UK. The event takes place in Newcastle on Saturday / Sunday  27th/ 28th of April. This event back in 2011 got many of us in TOG interested in Maker Faires. It inspired us to go on and showcase our projects at two other Maker Faires,  Dublin and New York. We are looking forward to our 3rd.

Is anyone else from Ireland a maker at this faire or going ? Leave us a comment.


Maker Faire Project: Constellation Quilts

Dublin Mini Maker Faire logo

Did you see us at the first Dublin Mini Maker Faire in Trinity on Saturday? We had a blast! We’ll have a round-up of the day itself, and the bbq we had next day in a future post. But first, let’s talk about the projects we made especially for Maker Faire!

A call went out among the TOG fullmember mailing list; to make new projects for Maker Faire. We noble crafters stepped up to the plate and came up with the idea of Constellation Quilts! After several weeks of prototyping and experimentation, and only one week left before the Faire, we got started in earnest.

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