Open Week – Dublin Maker


We are delighted to be a supporting organisation of the upcoming Dublin Maker.  Its the annual chance for all makers in Ireland to really showcase what they do best to the public. The tented festival space on the grounds of Trinity College Dublin, creates  unique  community feel to the whole thing.  TOG will be there with a host of new projects and we looking forward to meeting you all.

In TOG at the moment the space is a buzz with activity  in perpetration for the big day. We are opening our space for a whole week to give makers a chance to come down and use our space and resources to put the finishing touches to their projects. The public are welcome to drop down too and see all this madness.

The space will be open each night from Monday 21st – Friday 25th from 19.00 – 21.30

Accepted to Dublin Maker



DublinMakerJust a quick update to let you all know that we have be accepted to take part in this year’s Dublin Maker.  The event takes place on the 26th of July in the grounds of Trinity College Dublin. We are really going all out this year with our projects and ideas.

Some listed below.

  • Interactive Self Stirring Spoon in a tea cup
  • The Tachyonic Antitelephone aka Time machine
  • Fabric cadaver that has removable body parts
  • TwitterKnitter v2
  • Brainwave headset, listen to your brain or 3D Print them
  • RFID controlled robot arm
  • Morse Code to Twitter device
  • Giant ride on Duck

Dublin Maker Open Call

DublinMakerWe are very proud to be supporting this year’s Dublin Maker. Taking place on the 26th of July in TCD, its set to be a showcase of makers from Ireland and beyond . They have just opened their open call for makers. Find the out call here.

Going to Maker Faire UK


We have been accepted to Maker Faire UK in April. We have a host of new projects in the works for the largest Maker Faire in the UK. We always look forward to meeting new makers and the public at the event but most of all catching up with our friends from hackerspaces across the UK.

Craft Night quilt at MakerFaire2013

Dublin Mini Maker Faire logo Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013 has come and gone. We’ve been recapping a few of the projects displayed at the event, like the Bubble Bird House, and the Twitter Knitter. The Craft Nighters* got in on the action as well, and contributed squares towards a patchwork quilt. The type of squares is varied, including crochet, hand knit, machine knit, embroidery, blackwork, patchwork (meta), and decorative uses of beads, buttons, and googly eyes. Rather than losing some of the detail by making them conform to a strict patchwork quilt, we instead chose a looser arrangement to better showcase the talent and variety of our dedicated crafters.

Crafters quilt at Maker Faire, with Twitter Knitter

* Craft Night happens every second Tuesday from 7pm. It’s free, and open to all crafts. Simply, people show up and work on their projects. It’s great having others around who can help you out if you get stuck/confused, or just to chat with (and find out the best crafting suppliers). Get in touch and come along!

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Bubble Birdhouse

We have been working on projects that all went down really well at Maker Faire this year and will be working on over the coming months to improve as we go along.

One project that I worked on with another member is the Bubble Birdhouse.

2013-07-21 14.04.20

It all started with some messing/science trying to make bubbles from washing up liquid and seeing what components are needed for a good bubble. Then trying to replicate what the commercial machines can do but build your own. Once we had this almost cracked we worked to scale up the project as we did for street performers event. We learned that children like to stick fingers into every bubble that comes out of the machine, so we came up with solutions for this.

We put it 6 foot off the ground, this was a really amazing experience to see how children and adults are drawn to bubbles.


Next stage is to take it all apart and redesign it from scratch like every project; rebuild and improve as we go along.

If you want to see the Bubble Birdhouse in action check out the end of this news piece.