Trip West to 091labs

Last weekend members headed west to visit the new 091labs hackerspace in Galway. They moved into their space only four weeks ago. They’re making great progress growing their members and setting up their new space. They have a community night on Tuesdays and a projector night on Sundays. They have loads of ways to contact them, on their website, on and there twitter feed. While in 091labs the TOG members helped out running two soldering workshops for the people of Galway in the space. The workshops were well received with all involved learning to solder to a reasonableĀ  level. If your in Galway check them out, they’re a great group of people.

091 Labs Have a Space

Our friends in 091 Labs have just signed for there first space. This is great news we’re looking forward to seeing all the photos and videos of the new space, and were already starting plans on a visit, road trip.

TOG v2.0 – We are Moving

After nearly 6 months of searching for a new home we finally have found one. Our new space is located on Chancery Lane, Dublin 8. It’s a large Industrial unit. With a number of large rooms. At 196sq meters it is over 4 times the size of our current space with a much wider scope of possible activities.

The new space has a shared courtyard with one other tenant. We will have 3 private parking spaces and on street parking near by. There is also a Dublin bikes station close by and many bus routes. Some photos of the outside and the inside.

We are currently in the process of renovating the new space. When it’s finished we hope to have a full size kitchen, class room, library, server room, common room, science lab, arts and craft room, and workshop.

Over the next two weeks we will be cleaning it up and moving all our equipment from Arran Quay over to our new space. We hope to be open to the public again for the next hackathon. Until then all groups nights will be cancelled until we have finished the move.

Some photos of the work being done here.

In the near future, we will be making a call for equipment and furniture. So if you have any thing keep us in mind. As always if you would like to get involved don’t hesitate to contact us.

April Hackathon Some Results

It was a good hackathon even with a lot of our members going to ossbarcamp on Saturday. Cheryl made some some significant progress on her led matrix top; namit got some sleep šŸ˜‰ ; I made up a load of electroluminescent wire and started playing around with some ideas for the MAKE/MakerBot 3D printer giveaway!.

We also had some visitors including John who came along with his college friends from Leed’s (who were over for the Trinity Ball), and then decided to spend the day in TOG instead of going on a nice trip to Howth.

Thanks to all that took part and lets hope next month will be even bigger and better.

Updating the FAQ Page

Our old Frequently Asked Questions page has needed a good clean up for a while now. So read through the new questions and answers in the rest of this blog post. Let us know if we’ve missed anything or need to clarify some of the answers by posting a comment.

2010-04-22 All the changes have now been incorporated in to the main FAQ page.

Hackerspaces Talks

Over the past two weeks member’s of TOG have been giving talks on creating Hackerspaces around Ireland .

On the Saturday February 27th , members from TOG gave a talk to Skynet in University of Limerick.The talk was part ofĀ  day of talks orgained by Skynet and Ubuntu-ie.

On Wednesday 10th of March , a member gave a talk on Hackerspaces in general and TOG in Dublin City University. This talk was part of a week long series of events called techweek.

The notes from the UL talk are availableĀ  here.

The sides from the DCU talk are available here.