Irish Embassy at Electromagnetic Field 2024

Imagine a camping festival with a power grid and high-speed internet access; a temporary village of geeks, crafters, and technology enthusiasts that’s lit up by night, and buzzing with activity during the day. Thousands of curious people will descend on our friendly open space to learn, share, and talk about what they love.

Electromagnetic Field 2024 will be held on 30 May–2 June 2024 at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Eastnor.

A key aspect of the event are villages. Self-organised sessions/areas where hackers come together with a common interest or project. The Irish Embassy is a loose collective of people with some connection to / interest in Ireland, who travel to hacker/maker events and pool resources to create shared spaces while there.

Check out some of the activities that our members and other people are involved in the village.

Introduction to Lockpicking and the Ethics of Lockpicking

This is a workshop offered by Isabella (she/they) designed for people just starting lockpicking or interested, and will teach people the different types, tools and ethics. schedule entry

Build Your Own Satellite Ground Station

This is a workshop offered by Jeffrey (he/him), hands-on, beginner-friendly, where you’ll build and program your TinyGS ground station and antenna to receive data from space. Please note there is a materials cost for this workshop. schedule entry

Repairing Clothing with Patches

This is a drop-in, event offered by Chebe (they/she), that aims to encourage you to repair your own clothing, with emphasis on the repairs that can be done with patches. Bring-Your-Own mending, or stop by for information on how to get started, or even create your own patches. This will be run in the Irish Embassy, and is an informal, not main-schedule, kind of event.

Tech Trivia Table (T)Quiz

This is an event that has garnered some confusion. Come by to find out what the Irish Embassy means by ‘table quiz’.

One, it’s not in the pub. It will be in Workshop 5, Saturday night, 8-10pm/20:00-22:00. (Please arrive no earlier than 7:45pm/19:45.)

Two, there’s no cost of entry, and there are no prizes, other than satisfaction. This is Just For Fun!

Form teams of four, we can accommodate a maximum of ten teams, and puzzle through tech-leaning round after round, until we’re kicked out of the tent.