Testwall’s Gift of Equipment

At Tog Hackerspace, we’re thrilled to express our heartfelt appreciation to Testwall for their recent donation of equipment to our electronics lab, repair cafes, and projects. This generous contribution not only enhances our capabilities but also embodies our commitment to sustainability by preventing electronic waste.

Testwall’s support isn’t new to us; they’ve been steadfast partners over the years, consistently aiding our mission to build a more resourceful community. Their recent donation further strengthens our resolve to repurpose and reuse, aligning perfectly with our values.

We invite other companies to follow Testwall’s lead and consider supporting our initiatives. Your contributions, whether equipment or resources, can significantly impact our community’s growth and sustainability.

To learn more about Testwall, visit Testwall Ireland.

For partnership inquiries or to support our initiatives, reach out to us. Together, we can continue creating opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Thank you, Testwall, for your unwavering support.