Tog at The UCD Repair Clinic

UCD Innovation Academy, Tog Hackerspace and a team of UCD volunteers will be on hand during this event to give your broken items a new lease of life, from repairing small furnitire items to rejuvenating your favourite pair of jeans.

All UCD staff & students are welcome to attend the repair clinic – bring a broken item or just come and see what it’s all about.

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How does it work?

When you arrive we will ask you to register your broken item and ask a few questions – what it is and what is wrong with it – so we can find you the right fixer who can help. We will also ask you to read and agree to our ‘House Rules’. You will then be assigned your position in the queue.

Once a fixer with the right skills is free they will take a look at the broken item and what is needed to bring it back to life. We invite you to stay with your fixer, watch, learn and join in – this will be a great opportunity to find out more about how it works, how to look after and fix it yourself.

There will be a number of UCD society stands you can visit while you are waiting to be seen or after your repair has been seen to.

This is an open door event so we recommend you arrive early to avoid disappointment. If it gets busy, we will ask people to put forward one thing to be repaired at a time. We want to ensure we help everyone who attends. Once your item has been fixed, you will need to register and join the queue again with another item.

Meet the fixers!

Tog Hackerspace’s experienced repairers will be on hand with a number of volunteer fixers from across UCD.

Our repairers will be happy to take a look at your broken:

  • Clothes, Toys, Musical Instruments, Watches, Keepsakes.
  • Headphones and other non-electric household items that do not plug into mains power.
  • Small furniture items.

Will you be able to repair my item?

Many items can be repaired with a little know-how or just sometimes with a little friendly help and advice. Sometimes though, a repair may be too complex or require very specific tools & knowledge that we may not have access to on the day. If we are unable to repair your item our repair clinic team will try to let you know as much as possible about the problem and other ways you might be able to get it fixed.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to repair Large Appliances , Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, iPads/Tablets, Drones, PC/Laptops & accessories or any electrical item that needs to be plugged into mains.

We do ask if something cannot be fixed that you take it away with you and dispose of it as greenly as possible.