Wicklow Makers Campaign Launch

“Tuesday 28th March will be the official launch of the Wicklow Makers (TBD) campaign to set up a makerspace in County Wicklow.

A campaign to create a makerspace for Wicklow, where anyone with common interests, such as art, crafts, computers, diy, electronics, machining, robotics, science, technology and more; can meet, socialise and collaborate.

I’ve been following the makerspace/hackerspace scene for over a decade and I admire what TOG have done for the scene in Dublin but unfortunately visits to either of the closest spaces to me of TOG or SEMS would require a 4/5 hour round trip reliant on public transport. This might be fine for the occasional weekend but rules out regular trips and weekdays visits.

Having met many I know there is a diverse community of makers with a variety of interests based in County Wicklow. Rather than bemoan the lack of a space locally, I am now willing to devote the effort and time required and I hope others will join me in the endeavor and together we can starting planning and organising with the aim of setting up a makerspace in County Wicklow.

For those who cannot help out I would still like to invite you to join us on this journey to gauge the interest and gather feedback.
Throughout Spring 2023 I intend to start reaching out to fellow makers both personally and online via social media with the aim of getting this campaign rolling.

Then during the summer once we have some sort of committee of interested individuals we can starting planning the setting up of a makerspace.

I envision this will be a long journey but in the meantime please join and follow us on our various channels and share the projects you are working on. #wicklowmakers.

-Niall, Wicklow Makers (TBD)”