Dublin Inquirer – In Blackpitts, Dubliners are Invited to Build Their Own Air-Pollution Sensors

Our own Jeffrey Roe was interviewed about our upcoming air quality sensor workshop next month. Check out a snippet of the story below and read the full interview on Dublin Inquirer.

In the common room of the TOG Hackerspace in Blackpitts, Jeffrey Roe opens an app on his phone. A line on a graph on the screen creeps up and down a little, but is more or less even – before rising up into a sharp peak. It shows readings from the air-pollution sensor, across the city, outside his home in Crumlin. There was a spike at 4.30pm, earlier that day. “Why were people busy then?” he says, with a chuckle. Another graph, for a few months ago, the night of Halloween, shows a thin line rising sharply from the early evening, as bonfires light up. “You can see, when it starts to get dark, the level of pollution just skyrockets,” he said.