OpenStreetMap Ireland AGM and General Information Day

OSMI will hold its first AGM since forming a company to represent the community on the 15th of June. The event will be in two sections, starting off at 11am with a short introduction and a demonstration/tutorial for anyone new to open source mapping. After that, there will be a selection of five-minute lightning talks and general discussion up to the 1 pm break. Anyone interested in giving a talk can tweet the organisers @osm_ie.

Then around 2 pm, the formal AGM begins with a detailed report of the work being done behind the scenes. The board that formed the company will step down and hold a vote for the new board. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in joining to help with the administrative/behind the scenes work and help shape the future of how mapping progresses in Ireland.

There will also be an opportunity to join a working group, such as having every house on the island mapped or other high level project and system administration for back-end services.