#BigDayIn #SnowDay3 #Liveblog

It may be snowing outside, and the Big Day Out was cancelled, but TOG has been featuring some of the technology and projects we work with over on our Twitter account. We have complied some of the resources here as well so it is easier to reference. Remember to ask us questions or share what you are up to today using the hashtag #BigDayIn

Coding and Computers

Head of Education at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Carrie Anne Philbin, put together this great series called Crash Course Computer Science. It explains a lot of useful theory about how computers work and the videos are really easy to understand.


We found this really cool basic Introduction to Electronics series.

This is video is an introduction to the Arduino board, really useful for sensors.

This video introduces the Oscilloscope.


A mixture of Craft and Electronics, this is our Knitting Machine

Interested in Privacy? the EFF has put together a surveillance self-defence kit.

A part of security is physical security, check out this video about Lockpicking.

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