TOG Open Brew Day (Saturday 16th September 10am)

TOG members and Capital Brewers return to TOG HQ on Saturday 16th September to host a brewday open to members of the public also. Hearty brews are on the menu, in both brewing with guidance and instructions from the experts, and tasting craft beer made at previous brew days! This is your chance to see all of the brewing equipment in TOG and get a tour of the space to see what else is happening in and around the space.

A very rough time-line of a brew day is as follows:

  • 10:00am – 11pm: Heating water, water treatment and mashing grain
  • 11pm – 1pm: Boiling & beer tasting from previous brews and visitors beers
  • 1pm – 3pm: Cooling and clean up

Every brew day is slightly different with a mix of brewers, recipes and techniques.  The long term goal would be to get a full set of brewing equipment that TOG members can use themselves in the space and make your own beer, cider or wine whenever you like! All you need are the ingredients. We are already well on our way to achieving that goal with several sets of equipment for members to choose from.

Brewing Equipment in TOG

Its always a fun and engaging day, the cost is free (donations are welcome) so come along, ask questions and even help with the brewing!


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