AGM Outcomes

Last Saturday 4th of February, we held the first AGM of the new Tog Hackerspace company. It has been a long process for us to move legal structure over the course of the last number of years. Our first AGM shows all these process are now in place and our new members get a chance to see how our organisation is run. 


New Code of Conduct

We have always had a section in our constitution about how members and the public should interact with each other but we felt a little more was needed. After a lot of internal discussions, we created an additional code to supplement what we have in our constitution. Our members have voted in the new code at our AGM. You can view it on our website. -> code of conduct


Directors Elections

We are delighted to Andrew Felle, Ben Field and William McLoughlin being elected to our board of directors. The board handles all legal requirements on behave of our members. We would like to thank our outgoing director Jeffrey Roe for this work over the past year. Our full board of directors is listed before. 

Board of Directors

  • Robert Fitzsimons
  • Sean Nicholls
  • Shane Phelan
  • Andrew Felle
  • Ben Field
  • William McLoughlin

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