CoderForge @ Tog – Updated


NOTE: This has moved to every second Monday night to coincide with Coder Group Night. The first night will be on June 27th 2016.


Starting May 11th, until further notice, Tog will be hosting CoderForge nights every Wednesday from 7-9:30 pm.

CoderForge hopes to provide a weekly space for people interested in learning to code. With the current technology available to us it is perfectly feasible to trade as a coder whilst you learn your full skill set. No different to any other apprenticeship. Also using this method gives you the chance to see if coding or software development is something your interested in, it gives you a chance to test the market.

These `forges` also hope to balance some of the shortfalls to the method of training used within some of our educational institutions today, which always appear to be behind the technology that is required by current market forces. At a coder forge the format is flexible enough to change from `nodejs` to `php` or from `python` to whatever the next new big thing is. It is entirely up to those that are present. The coder forges are modeled on the popular `coder-dojo` but with a focus on adults rather than kids, and thus an ability to learn where to find work online and in the locality can also be introduced.

Coder Forge Meetup page.

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