CryptoParty – Friday 8th March 2013

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TOG is very pleased to announce that we will be holding the 3rd Dublin CryptoParty. Doors will be open from 7pm, and aim for a 7:30pm start, on Friday the 8th March 2013, and we will stay open as long as people are happy to stay ( within reason ).

CryptoParty attendees request you to respect their privacy and refrain from taking pictures or video at this event.

The idea of a CryptoParty is to make everyone more aware of their own on-line privacy and security in this vast inter-connected world that we live in. On the night we have the following talks planned:(in no particular order)

  • Donnacha: Intro to Tor
  • Enoch: How Bitcoin works
  • Jester: Wireless Insecurities

Please check the Dublin CryptoParty Wiki for more details, and of course join their mailing list if you are so inclined.

8 Replies to “CryptoParty – Friday 8th March 2013”

  1. Why is it you say TOR when it is Tor?

    And thank you for wireless talk but is it really right talk for cryptoparty?

  2. Thanks for the spelling correction. Post has been modified.

    The talk on wireless insecurities is to point out from a privacy point-of-view the dangers of using wireless for internet access. The talk was suggested to the mailing list and no one said it was unsuitable.


  3. Hello all when is the next cryptoparty going to be please I seeing I only missed one gone but will there be a other one please ?? If so would you know what month or date please thanks because I would like to Attend to one .

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