Event; Future of Making

Calling all crafters/hackers/makers/designers! There is an important conversation happening this Thursday, from 6pm in the Science Gallery.

Currently many people work in their specific areas, becoming experts and producing wonderful creations. But there is a convergence occuring. Disparate fields, like traditional crafts and electronics, are coming together and creating new wonderous hybrids. These objects often break our conception of what, say a fabric, is and can do, of what electronics can look and feel like, and are opening up a bright new future on how we interact with our tools, with objects, and how we live our lives.

As part of @DesignWeek_ie, the Crafts Council of Ireland, FabLab Dublin, National College of Art&Design, MAKESHOP, Science Gallery, Dublin Mini Makerfaire, and TOG, will be discussing anything and everything to do with the ‘Future of Making’. There will be short presentations, some demo projects to look at, and all of us there to talk with. If you’re looking for someone to talk to about an idea you have for an inter-disciplinary project, this is a great opportunity. Come, join the conversation.

Future of Making: Join the Conversation is an evening of curated talks. It is an opportunity for discussion between makers, designers and crafters. The talks will come from a wide range of groups Crafts Council of Ireland, FabLab Dublin, National College of Art & Design, Makeshop, Science Gallery, Tog  and Dublin Mini Makerfaire.

Details of the Event:
Time: Thursday 8th November @ 6pm – 8pm
Venue: Science Gallery, Dublin 2
Sign up required.

For more information download: Future of Making – Join the Conversation

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