Irish Hackerspace Week 2012: Night of Short Talks

As part of Irish Hackerspaces Week we are running a Night of Short Talks in TOG on Thursday 20th Septempter 2012 kicking off at 7:30pm. This is an event we should do more often as we always get a great varity of topics from some great speakers. Here is a list of talks in no particular order (order decided closer to the time) :

Colm will discuss Ditch Medicine
Treating genuine life or death injuries without fancy pants show off shiny toys, like bandages.

Chebe will give us An Introduction to ZigBee, XBees, and their Security.
ZigBee is a wireless radio frequency protocol developed to suit the need for large mesh networks of sensors or actuators. XBees are affordable ZigBee devices made by Digi that are often used with Arduinos. We’ll take a look at why you’d want them, how they work, and what security features are available as a hobbyist.

Namit will talk about a topic that always lights up everyones eyes, Fire.
Everyone loves to play with fire. Come along to this talk and you might even get to play with some.
We will go through the top 10 things you can do with simple household materials and a few projects we have been working on in TOG.
We will teach you things things you never knew about fire with a very interactive and entertaining discussion.
You might even have some fun.

Claudio Pisa will discuss Wireless Community Networks built by end users.
Claudio is a ph.d student in telecommunications engineering and a member of, a wireless community network in Rome, Italy. Wireless community networks are built by end users to interconnect among themselves, without any intermediary and with no central ownership or management. Let’s take a look at the situation in Europe.

Jules will discuss Garden Hacking.

Rose will reveal the dark and terrible secrets of ducks.

Dan will discuss RFID, how they have become more of an every day thing, as well as some of his recent trials of some of the latest hacks.

7:30 pm Martin – Welcome
7:35 pm Claudio – Wireless
7:50 pm Chebe – Zigbee
8:05 pm Namit – Fire
8:20 pm Jules – Garden Hacking
8:35 pm BREAK – BREAK
8:50 pm Colm – Ditch Medicine
9:05 pm Namit – Tshirt Printing
9:20 pm Dan – RFID
9:35 pm Rose – Ducks

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