Irish Hackerspaces Week 2012: Gastro Night

This Wedensday as part of Irish Hackerspaces Week to are having a Gastro Night.

We have lined up 3 interesting topics to be presented on the night:

TrĂ­ona from will discuss some of the science behind food, examining how heat changes our food and what exactly it is that the proteins in our food do. Whether or not you’re an expert in the kitchen, understanding some basic science can make cooking an even more satisfying experience.

Espresso? Latte? Kenco? No machines or electricity are required to spruce up your daily cup of ‘joe. Rob Gallagher will attempt to demonstrate some of the lost arts of brewing coffee.

The process of beer brewing will be discussed by Dan, our resident brewer.

Click through for schedule

7:30 pm Welcome to all
7:35 pm Rob : Coffee
8:25 pm Triona : Food
9:15 pm Dan: Beer

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