Beginners’ Sewing Machines Class

The business end of a sewing machine.

Always had fantasies of being able to run up a quick bag or item of clothing on a sewing machine? Well, it’s not as hard as it looks, and this class will get you started with enough of the basics that you’ll be looking to learn more!

The class will cover the different parts of the sewing machine, and how to set one up; how to sew in a straight line and turn a corner; how to operate a hot-craft-pressing device to make sewing easier (it’s known to people who like flat clothes as an iron).

It’s always nice to bring something home from a class, so you’ll learn to make a simple bag (handy for books/groceries/general stuff).

The details:

Where: Tog

When: Saturday June 23rd, 2pm to 5pm (with a short coffee break when it all gets a bit intense)

How much: €20 for non-members (including materials), €5 for members (to cover materials cost)

How many spaces are available: I am hoping to take up to five students.  If you own a machine and would like to bring it, that’d be great so you can really get to know the machine.  If not, there are a number of machines available to use in the space (at current count four are available on the day, so if another one does not become available and noone can bring their own, the class will be limited to four).

How do I sign up: Drop me a line through the contact form below if you’re interested in joining the class.  If you can’t make it but are interested, please let me know, I’m hoping to run this class again if people would like it!

Maybe I don’t want to learn to sew: Learn another craft, and pop along to craft night, every second Tuesday from 7pm at the space! (Sewists are also welcome)


6 Replies to “Beginners’ Sewing Machines Class”

  1. Thinks that the cost of materials for non-members is really affordable as they gets to learn a lot of things by attending the classes. And the limited number of students in the class will make it more learn-and-fun for the students.

  2. Hey there, missed your sewing machine class, is there another one I can join?

  3. Hi Bridget,
    I’m afraid I have no plans for a sewing machine class in the near future. Feel free to drop in to our fortnightly craftnights though, some people use the sewing machines on those nights.

  4. Would love to know if u still run beginners sewing classes. Need to learn basic first. Were are u based. Many thanks Sharon.

  5. Hello, I would be interested in been contacted if you are running a similar class beginners sewing machine class as I can’t believe I missed the last one.
    My mobile is 0868181217.
    Paula McDonnell

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