Engineers Week Talks

TOG will be hosting a night of short talks as part of engineers week on Thursday 1st of March . Each talk will be twenty minutes long on a range of interesting topics. The space will open from 18.30 with the talks starting at 19.15. The event is free and open to all.

Talk 1


Blurb: Not effects, e-f-f-e-c-t. If your presentation doesn’t have an effect, why do it? Rowan will delve into the elements that will raise your talk from the level of background noise, get audiences to pay attention, and ultimately, get them to take action as a result of your talk. Presenting can be powerful and effective if you give a little extra thought in advance. Rowan will show you where to focus your efforts to best effect.


Presentation skills demon, PowerPoint nerd, wordsmith, storyteller, speaker, trainer, and dancing bear.

Talk 2

Title: Data erasure for the security conscious and the overly paranoid pervert.

Blurb: Lets discuss some of the commonly used methods of data erasure and

why they might just be overkill due to the limitations of modern forensic investigation tools.
Will include a couple of live demos of file deletion and recovery (or lack there of).


Kevin is a full time student studying computer forensics and security at Waterford institute of Technology. He founded the WIT Hackers Society in Jan2011 and was involved in the organisation of the CampusCon hacker conference. He loves hacking, forensics & networking.

Talk 3

Title: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – “keeping it real”.

Blurb: We live in exponentially changing times. This talk sets out to showcase why CPD is so important.
Dismissing the ‘turgid’ HR type definition of CPD for a more verbose real life CPD.
The talk will explains the different stages of CPD though a person career.


Chartered Engineer Joe Fitzpatrick, BE CEng FIEI, is the Program Director
for Industry Solutions Development with IBM Software Group in Ireland.

Talk 4

Title: Broadcast Yourself, without the Internet – An Introduction to Amateur Television and how to start your own TV station

Blurb: We have all heard of CB radio where anyone can talk to anyone without the internet. A step up from that is Amateur Television where anyone can start broadcasting television and others pick up the picture.


Daniel Cussen
Daniel Cussen an Electronic Engineer will explain what’s needed to get involved, and how Dublin-wide coverage of his TV system was recently achieved. A little bit of electronics wizardry, a video camera and a TV is all that is needed