Workshop: Basic Hand-Sewing

There are many reasons you might need to learn how to sew. Maybe you’ve noticed that it’s only a month until Hallowe’en and you need to get started on a costume. Maybe you need to work on costumes for a short film or play you’re a part of. Maybe your favourite top has ripped, or popped a button, and you need to fix it. Or maybe it’s part of a greater plan to learn how to make and fit your own clothes (and so freeing yourself from the shackles of fashion trends).

Well, now’s your chance. We’re running a basic hand-sewing workshop; Tuesday, October 11th, from 7pm to 10pm, in TOG. We really will be covering the basics, from threading your needle, to finishing with a knot. You’ll learn straight-stitch, back-stitch, and overcasting. Then we’ll work on a little project so you can practice your new found skills.

Full disclosure; I’m not an expert, but I can help you get started if you need it. This class is most definitely for beginners, if you’ve sewn before you will be bored.

There are only 6 places, to make sure everyone gets enough attention, so sign up sooner rather than later! It is free, if you bring your own materials. If you don’t have any materials some can be obtained for you, for cost. Meaning, for €10 you’ll get pins, needles, thread, and assorted other useful bits and bobs you’ll need to sew that you get to keep.

Cost: Free! If you bring your own supplies. Otherwise supplies can be bought for €10.
Materials: Pack of hand-sewing needles, needle threader, wheel of pins, thread, etc.

Date: Tuesday, 11th October.
Time: Between 7pm and 10pm.
Place: TOG space. See:

So if you’d like to attend please use the form below. And if you’ll need to buy materials, please make sure to mention it!

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