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Thinking of hooking up some shiny electroluminescent wire to your top for a night out? Interested in Lilypads or other wearable tech, but don’t know how to get started? Maybe you’d just like to be able to make a simple skirt, repair your jeans, or even just finally figure out how to thread that sewing machine?

Well, we’ve got what you need; basic sewing classes, like they don’t teach outside of school. There will be two workshops, the first on Sunday, 24th January, which will focus on basic hand sewing techniques. You’ll learn a bit about fabrics, choosing threads, basic stitches, and what they’re called. If you bring some damaged clothes we’ll have a look at how to go about mending them. And finally, if you’re interested, a little bit about clothing construction, and how the pieces go together (helps you figure out how to put them back together). The idea is just to get you used to the basics, and ultimately help you understand all those books and tutorials that treat it like assumed knowledge.

Group size will be very small, limited to a maximum of 6, so that everyone will get the help they need. The whole workshop will be very informal, it’s all about a hands-on approach, and having things make sense to you. And just so you know, I’m not an expert by any means. I learned to sew originally in Home Ec, have done a course in pattern construction, and every year make my own Hallowe’en costumes. So, I’ll be able to help get you started, after that it’s your determination and imagination that will keep you going.

Cost: There will be a fee of €10 for non-TOG-members. Feel free to bring your own kit if you have one, otherwise one can be provided (that you get to keep) for cost.
Materials: Pack of hand-sewing needles, needle threader, wheel of pins, thread, etc.
Provided: (Although it’s okay if you bring your own.) Scissors (that need to be returned, sorry but they’re quite expensive). Fabric. Bits and bobs. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, biscuits.

Date: Sunday, 24th January.
Time: Between 2pm and 6pm.
Place: TOG space. See:

If the time doesn’t suit, don’t worry, if people are interested another set can be arranged.

Participants and visitors must be at least 18 years of age. It’s first come, first serve. Attendance at the two workshops are independent, you don’t have to go to both. And there are only a couple of places left for the basic hand sewing workshop! So if you’d like to attend please use the form below.

Workshop is full now. But if you would still like to attend another workshop some time in future feel free to use the form below to register your interest. Thanks guys, and I look forward to seeing you all.

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  1. Hi are there any more sewing workshops running any time soon…would love to do one.

  2. Hey Kathleen!

    What level are you at? Mostly we do complete beginners, and at the moment we’re muddling through an online sewalong together (still battling fitting). If you’d like to you could stop by one of the Craft Nights (it’s every second Tuesday), a few people tend to be around, some very talented!


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