HACK/CHANGE – Video Review

A great video by  summing up HACK/CHANGE. A week long show in the Exchange Dublin showcasing our members work.

HACK/CHANGE 2014 – Dublin, Temple Bar from Gerry Kelly on Vimeo.

Thanks for coming to the birthday party!

Big thanks for everyone who came to the birthday party last Saturday. We had a blast. Thanks to our own TriploidTree for making an *awesome* and delicious rainbow cake!

Cake lit by blowtorch

(Thanks to chebe for the photos)

Hacked knitting machine exhibit and demo

TOG member Sinead took photographs of the hacked knitting machine for TOG’s exhibition in the Exchange gallery. You can view the full photoset here.

The knitting machine will be demonstrated at the closing event on Friday night.

Part of the TOG exhibition at the Exchange gallery

Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition



We bring our annual bridge building competition back to the Science Gallery for Engineers Week.

This is a family-friendly competition that puts teams against one another to build the strongest bridge. Engineering theory and building materials will be provided to help you during construction.  Last year’s winning  team from Canada, created a bridge that held over 20kg’s.  Some photos of the event can be found in our gallery

A secret prize will be up for grabs for the winners. The competition will have a half an hour of short talks, an hour and a half building and half an hour of judging.

Date: Saturday 8th February

Time: 14.00 – 16.30

Location: Science Gallery

Cost: Free

Sign Up: send an email to events2014@tog.ie


We are now booked out. Please keep an eye out for our night of engineering talks or check out  other Engineer’s Week events.

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Workshop: Intro to LilyPad (aka twinkly LEDs edition)

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

Once more into the workshops dear friends! This first workshop will focus on getting used to the LilyPad microcontroller, and getting started programming some LEDs.
(The second workshop will focus on reading data in from sensors. A third workshop will be added if requested. Book your place on them as the posts go up.)

The first workshop is for complete beginners; an introduction to the LilyPad system, from what the different parts of the board do, to some basic coding, and turning on/off some lights. The only thing you’ll need to bring with you is a laptop with USB port, everything else is provided. (If you want to bring your own LilyPad components that’s great, just let us know when you’re booking and we’ll make sure you have everything you’ll need.)

Important: please bring your own laptop with USB port. Closer to the event you will receive instructions on how to install the programming environment.

Optional materials; Any LilyPad board (preferably the Protosnap), with a handful LEDs, including an RGB LED, and a switch or two.
If you want to play with the LilyPad before buying, Protosnap boards can be provided for the duration of the workshop, but you’ll probably have to work in groups of at least two people.

When: Thursday, January 30th. From 7pm until 10pm.

Where: TOG.

Cost: €10 for non-members, €5 for members. (All proceeds go to support TOG.)

Please register for this workshop through the contact form below the cut.
Fully booked. Please check back for a rerun of the course in a few weeks.

5th Birthday Party!

It’s been five years since a group of people came together to form Ireland’s first hackerspace in Dublin. It’s been a roller coaster ride for all of us, but here we are.

It would not be a birthday without a good party. So, we are having our Birthday Party in TOG on Saturday 25th from 8pm onwards. All (members, non-members, general public, ducks) of you are welcome to join us.

Are you a long term member? Come along and remininsce!
Are you a new member? Come along see a TOG Birthday Bash!
Been to TOG a few times? Come along and party with us!
Never been to TOG, but interested? Come along, find out about us, and have a good time!

The TOG AGM will be held that evening 6pm to 8pm, which is only open to TOG members. BYOB. No charge. ROAR.