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Slow motion Fire Ball

This weekend we played with some slow motion cameras. More videos read down…..


Because we can!

Developing Photos

This weekend we got up to some photography development, watch the video or come along to space and check it out. Also we have the CNC cutting again on aluminum.

Home made Foundry

We made the second home made foundry with an old propain tank and fire extinguisher watch video for some instructions on build. Took around 25 minutes to melt first block of stainless and then took another 5 minutes per extra bock we added. we have break down of build under images below.

More screen printing

Started today with more screen printing making up stencils on acetate. Process involved was a follows. Make up design in photoshop, gimp or any of your preferred design program. Print off on black and white acetate as dark as possible your design (no to much detail, you get away with some) Take prepared screen with […]

Screen Printing

Bought a screen today and started to play with it works really well. Just a matter of printed off a design and made up a stencil out of plastic or event paper. Stuck to back of screen and then run the screen + paint over it worked quite well here are some test we ran […]