Hack Across Europe in Dublin


At the last Lockpicking Night (12th February) we had a special visitor to the space. Darren Kitchen is hacking his way around Europe, and last week he was in Dublin. He stopped by the space and filmed a segment of this Hak5 episode from our humble little brown leather sofa.

We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for our boisterous lockpickers (you should hear our parties…), and hope it doesn’t distract too much from the great content about captive portals. By all accounts everyone had a great time, so if Darren is making his way to a town near you it’s worth looking him up. If not, there’s plenty at Hak5 to keep you entertained.

Workshop mentioned in the Irish Times

It’s always nice to get retweeted on Twitter, we get a strange thrill from seeing the stats from the website, and we absolutely love chatting to people in IRC. But nothing really beats getting mentioned in the national press.

A couple of days ago we were mentioned in an article by John Holden, of the Irish Times, as part of his review of events on offer for Science Week. You can read it here. It was our Building It event that caught his attention. A day-long workshop taking you right through from designing, to building an electronic device. The workshop will run twice, Saturday 13th, and Sunday 21st. See the event listing for more details and to sign up! (Also, check out the other events being run as part of Science Week and Innovation Dublin.)

TOG’s MakerBot

TOG now are a proud owner of a 3d Printer. Lets start to make some nice projects.

Spent almost 2 days building it and getting it to work with a few small changes made with extra washers. Also added in extra screw behind main Rep Rap board to hold board, had to put away from plastic from power connector to get in nut.

Makerbot Gallery