cake_goneSoftware nerds will understand :-)


Well the cake didn’t last long. What do you expect with a bunch of hungry hackers. Great to see everyone at our social evening tonight. Great to talk to some visitors too who are interested in joining up. Some interesting new ideas. Keep in touch with us as things are moving along steadily with TOG 3.0





New Constitution

With the formation of Tog Hackerspace Dac we will have a new set of rules to govern our organisation. The new constitution can be viewed on our website on the top menu. For the next few months both versions of Tog will still continue to run but the old unincorporated association will be phased out. We now have a board of directors to handle the day to day running our the space.They were voted in and will be taking instruction from our membership.  If you are unsure how all this works do get in touch and we are happy to explain any parts of it.

Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Roe – CEO
  • Robert Fitzsimons – Company Sectary
  • Sean Nicholls
  • Shane Phelan
  • Andrew Felle

Tog Hackerspace Designated Activity Company

IMG_0669Lots of things are changing with Tog not just our address. We are changing our internal structure to help the group grow. We have formed a Designated Activity Company or DAC for short. A DAC is a new company structure created by the Companies Act 2014. We will have to reaffirm a set of goals that we will have to strive to implement.

The objects for which the company is established are the promotion of innovation in science, technology, modern culture, and creative arts and the doing of all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objective.

We will be publishing the new constitution and most details in the coming weeks. In the mean time we will be have a Social Meetup to celebrate. There will be cake.


Thursday 26th November, 19.30, Upstairs,  Longstone, 11 Townsend St, Dublin 2, D02 FE00


Social Meetup Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to our meetup last night. We had a great mix of members and visitors…… great to see everybody. Things are moving along with our new space. We ordered our members individual keys this week. We have a number of other administrative tasks on the go which are progressing well. The builders are making great progress in the space too. Our neighbour upstairs is getting ready to move in.

We might do another social next week, so keep in touch with us here and on our other channels….





Social Meetup

While we are still closed to the public, we thought it would be nice to see you all again.  We are going to have a social meetup this week in the Longstone. Feel free to bring the latest project or creation with you. We will be taking over the upstairs sections from 7.30pm.

Thursday 12th November, 19.30, Upstairs,  Longstone, 11 Townsend St, Dublin 2, D02 FE00

The Sofa and the Sledgehammer

sofaWhen we did the big move from Chancery Lane, it was a good chance to do a bit of a clear out. Certain things got earmarked for the skip. There was a question mark over Tog’s old sofa. It was a faithful old thing. So what if it was a bit rickety, with a few screws here, and a bit of board there to keep it together.  Many a weary traveller was glad of it when they came to the space. So should we take it with us to TOG 3.0 or not?

This indecision was not helped by the fact that we were donated a swanky black leather sofa recently. Anyway the moving truck came and went, and the sofa was still there so it looks like the decision had been made. Into the skip with it! Now a sofa is a big old thing and would take up a lot of room in the skip. Enter sledgehammer. One of our members was a feeling a bit stressed lately, and he reckoned that a bit of sledgehammer therapy would do him good. Suffice to say it was Member 1, Sofa 0. It wasn’t pretty. You can see here.