Free Firewalling – All it costs is patience

There are many open source choices for a firewall these days and Packet Filter is one of the more common ones. This talk will go through the setup and structure of a Packet Filter firewall and a walk through of a complete Packet Filter firewall rule set.

Networking knowledge would be handy, as well as some Linux/UNIX experience since we will be using the command line.

Inside a PC

This talk will outline the basics of what’s inside a PC.

We will go through each of the components and demonstrate how they work together. Some of those computer parts (such as the hard drive) will be further taken apart to show you how they look and work on the inside.
You will furthermore get the opportunity to take apart the pieces yourself, as well as to put them back together again.

An Introduction to Biodiesel

This talk will cover all important aspects of Biodiesel.

From its use as an alternative fuel, its effects on the environment, its legal status in Ireland, to its future production. A piece will be on the chemical process involved, as well as a run-down on how to make a small amount yourself. If time permits, an actual example will be done to show the process. Finally: A look into the pros and cons of its use.

This will not be an overly technical talk, and most will be in general layman’s terms.

LDAP – Its Mysteries and Example Use

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a well known and tempered method for storing information in a directory based hierarchy.

This talk will discuss the core concepts of LDAP and you will be shown how to use LDAP to represent user accounts in an LDAP data store with the hopes of using this single store as the primary data source for applications, wiki, blogs, e-mail accounts, etc.
Suitable for home users, businesses and complete beginners to LDAP.

Science and Innovation, coming to a TOG near you!

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, hackers of all genders, ages, and maturity levels. It’s nearly time for Science and Innovation!

Science Week runs from the 7th to the 14th of November.
Logo for Science Week

Innovation Dublin ‘Week’ runs from the 10th to the 21st of November.
Banner for Innovation Dublin

To celebrate, and participate in some of the fun, TOG will be running over ten events ranging from electronic crafts to making your own biofuel. We kick things off on Saturday, 6th Novemeber, with a Social Night, and keep going until Sunday, 21st November. But… we’re not going to tell you everything just yet. More details will follow, so stay tuned!

*EDIT* We give you, faithful blog reader, some more details:
A post with full complete listing to follow. The whole event kicks off with: Open Source Talk & Open Social Night.

All the events on one page!

Saturday 6th November

Sunday 7th November

Tuesday 9th November

Wednesday 10th November

Thursday 11th November

Friday 12th November

Saturday 13th November

Sunday 14th November

Tuesday 16th November

  • 7pm to 10pm – Craft Night

Wednesday 17th November

Thursday 18th November

Friday 19th November

Saturday 20th November

Sunday 21th November