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Welder repair

An ancient proverb says that power tool failures occur in threes. During the same week that the lathe motor burned out and the compressor wire meltdown has turned it into a scary noise machine, we also had a mysterious malfunction in one of our welders. It didn’t release any smoke, didn’t make weird noises. It […]

Maker Faire Project: Constellation Quilts

Did you see us at the first Dublin Mini Maker Faire in Trinity on Saturday? We had a blast! We’ll have a round-up of the day itself, and the bbq we had next day in a future post. But first, let’s talk about the projects we made especially for Maker Faire! A call went out […]

One more TOG sign

Finsihed off Tog 2.0 sign made from straigth steel and bending around form in picture below, then branded onto block of wood. Tog sign Bending form, we found doing very small bends was best way of doing this.

Homemade snow plow

Ever got annoyed with the snow and wish you could just push it all out of the way? Check out what few people in tog built last week. Improvements to be made on next version (When it snow) larger angel on plow, heavier wheat on the blade on the bottom. Gallery Builders: Christian, Liam Shopping […]

Pumpkin fun

While looking for something totally unrelated on the Internet a few days ago I came across a Larson Pumpkin. As it was coming up to Halloween I decided to have a go myself and see what I could do using an Arduino.

TOG’s MakerBot

TOG now are a proud owner of a 3d Printer. Lets start to make some nice projects. Spent almost 2 days building it and getting it to work with a few small changes made with extra washers. Also added in extra screw behind main Rep Rap board to hold board, had to put away from […]