TOG Birthday Party


TOG is pleased to announce that it will be 4 years young this year on the 21st of January. To celebrate this we have decided to have our yearly birthday bash on the 26th of January. This will be a BYOB event and the cake will (maybe) not be a lie!

Our specific plans for the night are as always late to be finalized but as usual we will be open from 9pm, and always stay till late. Typically we play music, have some food and drinks.

Please take this opportunity to join us in celebrating the fact that 4 years ago, most of the members of TOG were strangers, and we now form tight knit community that encourages others to share knowledge and skills.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Facebook Event

Birthday Party

Saturday the 28th of January 2012 marks TOG’s 3rd birthday. You know
what that means.

PARTY!!!! And yellow rubber ducks.

The plan is to start at around 19:00 in TOG. Our last few get togethers
have been a great success and keep getting better so let’s try to top
them all. Make it passed 05:00 this time!

Hacking, eating, drinking, making, gaming, singing, dancing, arranging
rubber ducks into various positions – whatever takes your fancy.

So come one, come all. Bring your good self, your friends, your family,
vagrants, strangers, pets, more rubber ducks, plastic army men and
anything else you think may or may not be appropriate. Everyone is

We hope to see you all there.

TOG is two!

Today is the two year anniversary of the announcement of TOG on the Irish Linux User Group mailing list. So to celebrate our birthday we are going to have a party on the anniversary of the first meeting.

The party will be in our space on Saturday January 29th starting 7:30 pm, this is a free event and BYOB.

So we can keep an eye on the numbers please post a comment below if you going to attend.

Happy Birthday TOG

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday to TOG…. Happy Birthday to TOG…

One year ago on the 29th of January 2009,  17 people came together with a common goal  of setting up a shared work space.

We met in the bar area of a hotel in Dublin and started TOG.  It started with very little structure, design and almost no plan.  It was a blank piece of paper just waiting for the TOG members to design what they wanted from a workspace.

Lots of people at the time (not including our first members) that we pushed the idea to said it would never work… that it could not be done.  Sorry to all of you – we proved you wrong.  The meetings continued with no space for a few months while we created both our plans and our funding.  In May 2009 we opened the door on the first workspace.

If you look back at the minutes from the first few meetings the space has evolved into a pretty close match for what people wanted.

A BIG thank you go out to all our members for paying for the space, for working ‘on’ and ‘in’ the space and for believing in the project from day 1.

Happy Birthday…. and here’s to the next year and the years that follow.