091 Labs Have a Space

Our friends in 091 Labs have just signed for there first space. This is great news we’re looking forward to seeing all the photos and videos of the new space, and were already starting plans on a visit, road trip.

Synchronous Hackathon – June 2010

Warm up your soldering irons, thread your needles and fill the fridge with your beverage of choice. The 8th Synchronous Hackathon takes place this weekend.

We are kicking things off with an open social night on Friday from 7.30pm. If you haven’t been to the new space, it’s a great chance to drop in for a chat and have a look around. We promise we wont make you do any painting, well only if you want to :).Safety first!

On Saturday and Sunday the hackathon starts at about 1pm each day until late. Feel free to come along and work on your own project for a few hours or give a hand around the space. There will be members hacking the space over the weekend running cable, power points, painting, putting together furniture and all sorts of things.

As always are events are open to all at no cost (expect classes).

update: Also will be having bit of a BBQ tomorrow starting around 5 ish see you there.

TOG v2.0 – We are Moving

After nearly 6 months of searching for a new home we finally have found one. Our new space is located on Chancery Lane, Dublin 8. It’s a large Industrial unit. With a number of large rooms. At 196sq meters it is over 4 times the size of our current space with a much wider scope of possible activities.

The new space has a shared courtyard with one other tenant. We will have 3 private parking spaces and on street parking near by. There is also a Dublin bikes station close by and many bus routes. Some photos of the outside and the inside.

We are currently in the process of renovating the new space. When it’s finished we hope to have a full size kitchen, class room, library, server room, common room, science lab, arts and craft room, and workshop.

Over the next two weeks we will be cleaning it up and moving all our equipment from Arran Quay over to our new space. We hope to be open to the public again for the next hackathon. Until then all groups nights will be cancelled until we have finished the move.

Some photos of the work being done here.

In the near future, we will be making a call for equipment and furniture. So if you have any thing keep us in mind. As always if you would like to get involved don’t hesitate to contact us.


3Dcamp is a 3D themed barcamp which takes place this Saturday 29th of May in the Institute of Technology, Tallaght. 3Dcamp looks at all things 3D, from 3D modelling and mapping mashups to virtual worlds and augmented reality. Now in it’s 3rd year, 3Dcamp has grown to be a big event in the 3D design world.

The camp will kick off at 9am and will run to around 4pm. Entry is free , but all attendees are asked to register to keep track of numbers.

TOG's makerbot

There is a great line up of speakers for 3Dcamp. they will be giving talks on OpenStreetMap,3D iPhone Apps, VLAB , 3D printing and more. Also remember its a barcamp, so there are bound to be great ad-hoc talks and good discussions throughout the day.

TOG will be giving a talk on 3D printing and showcasing our Makerbot. If you would like to find out more about 3d printing come up to us on the day and we will be more than happy to talk about it.

Also MakeNight#4 is on tomorrow the 25th of May in Science Gallery. Its a great event not to be missed.

Synchronicity Hackathon

We will be having synchronicity hackathon on 15th and 16th of May. Starts around 12ish, please come along and check it out what projects people are working on.

Here are a few that some members will be working on:

Makerbot, its a 3d printer that prints ABS plastic into anything in 10×10 format. Bring along your cad drawings and print some stuff.

Building x0xb0x sound box


Home made weather station

And anything else you want to work on, come along just just contact us and let us know what day you are coming Contact Tog