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Swollen Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are in the news for all the wrong reasons at the moment, and not for the first time. We noticed that one of our batteries was a little swollen compared to the others. It seemed to be working OK though. We decided to open up the outer wrap to see if it was […]

Wooden Bicycle Pump

Well not quite, but a wooden handle anyway. We don’t just do bits and bytes at TOG! The bicycle pump handle broke and it seemed a shame to dump an otherwise perfectly good pump. So with a bit of nice round wood cut from an old roller blind pole, we made a new handle. Drilled […]

August Open Social

Our August Open Social takes place on Saturday 20th August at 7pm. If you fancy doing something different on a Saturday evening, why not drop in and see us. If you’ve never been in before, we’ll give you the grand tour. You can chat to members and fellow visitors, and see whats going on. The […]

Ebike Charger Lead

Nothing much to see here! A quick weekend afternoon hack. The ebike power supply died, so time to knock up a cable to charge the battery from a variable power supply. A 3-pin XLR socket, a fuse holder with a 5A fuse and a diode for reverse current protection. A bit of soldering and heatshrink […]

July Open Social

This months Open Social takes place on Saturday 16th July at 7pm. That date will see us just one week away from Dublin Maker. You’ll find TOG members in a state of terror, that their projects and things are not ready. You’ll find them hunched over laptops and soldering irons. Drop in, pat them on […]

Lathe up and running

Last night we had our lathe up and running for the first time since we moved to Blackpitts. We were using it to centre-drill some rollers that are part of a 100 year old mangle. One of our members is restoring the mangle to use as a printing press. Keep an eye out here on […]