Culture Night…. Update

H6931-Culture-Night-LogoWe were mobbed with visitors on culture night 🙂 . If you made it in to see us, thanks for coming and hopefully you got to look around the space and to see some of our projects. Drop in again anytime we’re open. If you would like to look around again or you missed something, we can give you another tour. You don’t need to be a member to visit and there’s no charge.

You can join our mailing list…. click on the link down the left side. We’ll keep you informed of our activities. This Thursday (25th Sep) we have coding night. Our next brewday is coming up soon also. Check the events tab at the top of this page.


Photo Workshop Completed

Dub_CasWe completed TOG’s photo workshop today. Yesterday, just as everyone got film loaded, the rain threatened to spoil the day. It soon cleared and we all headed for Dublin Castle and environs. Despite a few minor calamities, everyone got a roll of B&W film exposed and developed. The workshop continued today with printing. Everyone got a contact print done and a chance to make some test exposures and prints.

Pics here…

Making a Hot Wire Cutter

3191 Had a go at making a hot wire cutter to cut plastic and polystyrene. Experimented with 2 types of wire. Tried a thinner wire which worked at about 8 amps, but used a thicker wire in the end, as the thinner one broke. It draws about 16 Amps. Managed to cut the tops from some bottles with it. Will experiment a bit more and fine tune it. Want to try some expanded polystyrene. More pics here….

Hot Wire Cutter Pics

Lemon Soap in Dublin

soapOn June 16 1904 in the novel Ulysses, Leopold Bloom got a bar lemon soap from Swenys chemist in Lincoln Place, Dublin. You can still do that to this day. He never paid for his! On Oct 13th 2013, we made lemon soap at TOG…..or lemon and oatmeal to be precise. It’s our first go at soap making, so we’ll have to see how it turns out. Like a fine wine, it needs time to mature now, so we’ll update the blog in a few weeks time. We might want some testers. If it all goes well, we might even do some more. Contact us, if you’re interested in soap making.

More pics here…….

The Open-Social and the Egg-Bot

This coming Saturday 17th August, is TOG’s regular open social. It’s a great opportunity to drop in, hang out and meet some of the members and visitors. The space will be open from afternoon until late. Bring beer, food, gadgets!










We also have a egg-bot kit. An egg-bot draws on eggs and other similarly shaped objects, such as light bulbs and ping pong balls. We’ll be assembling the kit during the evening and trying to get it running. You can read all about the egg-bot here…..   Come in and give us a hand!