Finish a project at TOG, June Hackathon, Finishathon edition

At TOG, we love hacking, and we have a lot of projects lying around, so we want to try to finish some of them. That’s why we are having a one-day community Hackathon and the theme is Finish a Project! Don’t worry if you have a huge¬†project that might take longer to finish, just finish a part of it. The event is free and open to everyone to attend, if you don’t have a project you can help someone else.

Group of people hacking in the TOG common room

The event will take place from 10AM to 10PM on Saturday, 23rd June in TOG, Dublin’s Hackerspace, 22 Blackpits.

The day starts at 10 with breakfast, then you can present your project or join another team. There’s no official prize, but there might be a few unofficial ones, but mainly a sense of achievement.

What can you work on at the hackathon?

You can work on anything, it’s a really open Hackathon.

  • Some people will be working on finishing Dublin Maker projects.
  • Are you coding something you want to finish?
  • Want to fix a bug in an open source project?
  • Finish writing something, design something?
  • Finish an electronics kit you have lying around?

What should I bring to the hackathon?

  • Bring whatever you need, there might be some spare parts or components at TOG.
  • Bringing a laptop is a good idea.
  • This is a one-day event so be ready to take home what you make.

Hope to see you on the day, would be helpful if you can register on Meetup or Eventbrite so we have some idea of numbers. Any questions, please ask.

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