Electronic Breadboard Workshop

During our regular Electronics, Microcontroller and IOT Evening, which takes place every 2 weeks on Monday evenings, we will be running an Electronic Breadboard workshop. This is a paid workshop and the cost of this workshop is 25 Euro.

During the workshop, you’ll get about 1.5 hours instruction, plus a kit of parts including the breadboard itself, components and a small digital multimeter. You get to keep the kit including the breadboard and multimeter. You can then use the kit as a starting point for further experimentation and prototyping.

All proceeds from the workshop go to support TOG. The workshop will take about 1.5 hours and will start about 19:30. There will be a maximum of 4 places available. You can pay in cash on the night. Try to have change!  We are not taking reservations for this workshop…..just turn up on the night. The first 4 people to arrive get a place (maximum 4 places). If you miss out on a place this Monday, you are welcome to stay the evening for our regular Electronics, Microcontroller and IOT Evening, which is free.

A breadboard is a way of building and testing circuits quickly, without having to solder. You can move the components around, make additions, take the circuit apart and re-use the components. This workshop is suitable for beginners. This isn’t an electronics theory class as such, but rather a class about how to use a breadboard, how to start prototyping and how to turn a circuit diagram into a breadboard circuit. We have picked 4 circuits to build from very simple to circuits using IC’s. You don’t have to have any particular electronic skills or experience, but you should probably have some interest or curiosity about electronics and want some help to get started.


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