The Sofa and the Sledgehammer

sofaWhen we did the big move from Chancery Lane, it was a good chance to do a bit of a clear out. Certain things got earmarked for the skip. There was a question mark over Tog’s old sofa. It was a faithful old thing. So what if it was a bit rickety, with a few screws here, and a bit of board there to keep it together.  Many a weary traveller was glad of it when they came to the space. So should we take it with us to TOG 3.0 or not?

This indecision was not helped by the fact that we were donated a swanky black leather sofa recently. Anyway the moving truck came and went, and the sofa was still there so it looks like the decision had been made. Into the skip with it! Now a sofa is a big old thing and would take up a lot of room in the skip. Enter sledgehammer. One of our members was a feeling a bit stressed lately, and he reckoned that a bit of sledgehammer therapy would do him good. Suffice to say it was Member 1, Sofa 0. It wasn’t pretty. You can see here.

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