Washing Machine = Patio Heater

heaterTake the TOG test by selecting the correct answer.

Q: Your washing machine dies and you get a new one. What do you do with the old one?

1. When your new one is delivered, let the delivery crew take the old one away.
2. Take the old one to your local WEEE recycling centre.
3. Take the old one apart to see how it works. Harvest all the useful parts and use the parts to make something else.

The correct answer of course is number 3, but you knew that anyway. That makes you the kind of person that would probably like TOG.

So the trusty washing machine from 1996 was getting a bit tired. The drum bearings needed replacing (a relatively straightforward job)…they were squealing louder and louder. The drain pump started to make a racket and wouldn’t empty after a wash…. maybe it was seized or something jammed in it. Looking inside, it was obvious that it was leaking a bit also, probably when it was spinning. Time for a new machine.

Taking apart the old one, there’s a lot of interesting and useful bits. There’s a nice AC motor and an electronic speed controller. There’s some pulleys and a drive belt. There are also assorted hoses, electrical bits and valves. There’s also the stainless steel drum. Removing the drum from its aluminium mounting, and adding a few steel legs….. we have instant patio heater. Who needs a chiminea! Being stainless steel, it wont rust either.

We gave the new heater a test run this week and it worked a treat. Come in and stand around it at the next open social. Lots of pics here

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