December in TOG involves lots of sugar

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don't need to knit jumpers for snails...)

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don’t need to knit jumpers for snails…)

As has become tradition, the last craftnight of the year is sugar craftnight. So on Tuesday, December 9th from about 6.30pm TOG will become a sugar disaster waiting to happen. Everyone is welcome to join us! There won’t be as much crafting happening on the evening as usual craftnights, but we’ll be delighted with anyone who wants to craft! I’ll bring a bag of Christmassy craft supplies so you can glue shiny things to other less shiny things.

For a discussion on who’s bringing what treats, check out the craft mailing list . If you subscribe to it you’ll get reminders of future craftnights too, after all, craftnight is for life not just for Christmas. Craftnight will return in the New Year on Tuesday, January 6th.

There might be some Christmassy workshops planned too, but everything’s all hush hush at the moment (it’s still only November!), we’ll let you know as soon as we can though!