Workshop: Making Your First Contribution to OpenStack

Are you interested in learning how to contribute to OpenStack, the open-source cloud infrastructure project? Then you may be interested in attending our upcoming 3-hour hands-on workshop on Saturday the 28th!

We will be going through the process of how to make a contribution to OpenStack starting from a DevStack install (further instructions will be provided). You may choose to make either a code or documentation contribution, as both follow the same process.

When? Saturday, June 28th at 2pm, until 5:15pm or so.
Cost? €5 for non-members (with all proceeds going to Tog as usual), free for members.
How to sign up? Please use the form below.

By the end of the session, participants will:

  • have all the necessary accounts and tools set up for contributing
  • know how to submit a contribution to an OpenStack component
  • understand the OpenStack contribution process
  • have a first contribution completed or underway, and know what are the next steps

This is an initial run-through for the training I will run at EuroPython in July, see the session details on the EuroPython website. Please pay careful attention to the pre-requisites and do not hesitate to ask questions, using the form below.

OpenStack is written in Python. Because the timeframe is so short, participants should already be comfortable with Python before attending.


Some familiarity with cloud concepts may be helpful.

Sign-up/enquiry form:

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