Workshop: Your First Ruby on Rails App!

Ruby is the language and Rails is the framework that stopped people yawning at web development, encouraged coders to try and better themselves as developers and is now the first choice for an overwhelming number of startups, as well as lots of forward looking enterprises. In this 3 hour introduction, Declan McGrath (aka @theirishpenguin) from Intercom will guide you through the same thing all those people had to do – build your first Ruby on Rails application.

We’ll start with a look at Ruby and its syntax before walking our way through the models, views and controllers that comprise a Rails project. By the end of this evening you should know your routes from your database migrations and have a starting point to go on and build other Rails applications.


  • Course level – you’ll be expected to have a bit of an understanding of programming already. This is *not* an intro to programming course. Having said that we will be sticking with the basics of Ruby – so if you’ve written a few programs before in any language then you should be able follow along 🙂
  • There won’t be time to install Ruby and Rails on your computer on the night. So you’ll have to have it installed before arrival. You’ll need Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2.14 installed along with sqlite (which let’s us store data). If you’ve any questions on installing the post a comment on this Ruby Ireland Googlegroup thread
  • Basic knowledge of HTML

When: Thursday, August 8th. From 7pm till 10pm.

Cost: €5 for non-members, free for members

Please sign up using the form below. Updated to add: We’re full! Thanks for the interest everyone.

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