One Small Step: Open-Source Night

Starting in February, Tog will be hosting a monthly open-source evening on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. These hands-on sessions aim to bring together experienced open-source contributors with people who would like to get started but aren’t sure where to start or would generally benefit from having someone to ask questions to. All types of contributions welcome: documentation, code, testing, artwork, translations…

For the first event, we have confirmed participants with varied levels of experience in Gnome, OpenStack, Django, OpenLDAP, OpenWonderland, the P2P django project, AppInventor*. If you’re an experienced contributor interested in attending, feel free to get in touch and get your project(s) added to the list. If you’re an aspiring contributor interested in attending, you can drop me a note too with the projects you’re planning on looking at during the evening.

If the project you’re interested in isn’t mentioned, please come anyway. We can figure out how a project works together. Likewise, people are welcome to come and work on their usual open-source stuff – just be open to the occasional question 🙂 The more people, the merrier!

The first event will be held on Wednesday, February 20th, with Tog opening at 6:30pm and the first talk starting at 7pm.

Every month we will start with a couple of people speaking for 5-10 minutes, to introduce the project they are working on, what is the usual path for contributing and where they are currently looking for help. Then we will form groups and work on making a contribution for the rest of the evening.

* (We have lost a few projects due to the flu – although it’s unfortunate, if you’re interested you can still get in touch with the person who was willing to help)

4 Replies to “One Small Step: Open-Source Night”

  1. Great Idea.

    I hope it goes amazingly well.

    I won’t be able to attend but would love to catch up, are there any intentions to film the session and maybe upload the video or a transcript maybe?

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words!

    After the initial 10-15 minutes of talks, people will be breaking into groups to work on different projects, I don’t think it would be very interesting or useful to record. I would also be concerned it could detract from creating a casual atmosphere where all spontaneous questions are welcome.

    The event will be happening monthly. Perhaps you can attend a future one? 🙂

    Also, consider having a look at, they are an amazing community to help people get started in open-source.

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