PHP + MySQL intensive weekend-class

Hey there eager programmers!

Interested in learning a new programming language or in freshening up your rusty skills? Here is your chance! A whole weekend of PHP and MySQL fun is awaiting you.

When is all the coding happening, you ask?

Friday, 2nd of Dec – 7.30pm till 10pm
Saturday, 3rd of Dec – 1pm till 6pm
Sunday, 4th of Dec – 1pm till 6pm

3 days, 10 hours (excl. breaks)

* 50 euro for non-members
* free for members
* maximum of 8 participants

What will be covered:
* installation and configuration of PHP, Apache, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin
* SQL and PHP basics/refreshments
* simple and complex tasks to solve

Please sign up over the form below or per E-Mail.

Happy hacking!

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7 Replies to “PHP + MySQL intensive weekend-class”

  1. Can’t make it this time around as I will be out of the country. But I hope you do this training course again in future!

  2. Hey. This is a brilliant idea. I wouldn’t have found this page only my brother sent me a link. You guys need to get the word out about things like this. It’s really expensive to get part-time and short term training in most of the training institutions around Dublin.

  3. Hey, I emailed about trying to sign up for the PHP course the other day but haven’t heard anything back yet. It sounds great, the whole TOG idea sounds great. Thanks a mil.

    1. Hi ROB. The form goes to a different email account, to the organiser. I’ll try and reach Meg to make sure your message didn’t get marked as spam 🙂

  4. @Rob: sorry it took me so long, you should have gotten a reply from me today!

    @Spinner: Thank you! I intended to advertise it on other websites and mailing-lists, but because the course filled up quickly without it, I forgot about it.

    @David: I’ll definitely try to organise the workshop again, it’ll just take a while since I don’t live in Dublin these days. Maybe in last spring 2012?

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