Lower membership rate

Before the party last week TOG held it’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2011. After reviewing the treasurer’s report for 2010 and some discussion, the group has decided to reduce the standard membership rate to €45 per month (down from €50), the starving hacker rate will stay at €30 per month.

TOG has established itself as a charitable organisation and is non-commercial and not-for-profit. Our intention is that our membership fee will be set so that it covers our operating costs. Our operating costs include rent, insurance, fees, electricity, gas, internet, etc.

Since moving to our new space in June 2010 our operating costs and membership income have now stabilised. So we are now at a point where we can start reducing the standard rate which has be set at €50 since we first began collecting money early in 2009. As more members come in, we hope to continue this process.