The Renovation of TOG 2.0

August 1st was the two month anniversary of us receiving the keys to our new space on Chancery Lane. During these two months we’ve undertaken a huge amount of work renovating the building, making it habitable and suitable for our members and visitors. Below is a series of videos we’ve recorded since getting the keys which hopefully provide an idea of the work we’ve undertaken.

The first video was taken on the day we received the keys. Before us was a building which had been unoccupied for about 18 months, had a number of major and minor leaks (12), very damp and moldy floors and walls, missing ceiling tiles, broken lighting, and funny colored walls.

The second video show the new space after three weeks of hard and constant activity, the space was cleared out and almost ready for member to start making it the new home for TOG.

The final video shows the space a month after the vast majority of major jobs were finished. We’ve been making good use of the space and started a number of new activities and events (craft night, etc).

We’ve still got some work to do, like unpacking and sorting out, the walls in the workshop need to plastered, install more shelving, etc. but these will get sorted out once we’ve the time and money. The biggest job left is to find a suitable permanent floor covering.

Also we still need some furniture items, we’re looking for steal framed tables or just frames (the type used in Irish secondary schools) and large steel cupboards. If you can help us out, contact us through the Contact page.

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