Open Social – 1st July – Huge Success :-)

A big thanks to everyone who came to last nights social night. We discovered during the evening (Thanks Rob) that we have officially had the keys for our new home for 1 month and what better way to celebrate that by having a few drinks and watching a movie.

We watched Sneakers ( ) last night with the projector on one of our newly painted walls and it worked quite well. We had 6 visitors to the space last night and it was great to show people around the space after so much hard work has gone into making it our new home.

Our Social nights are always great ways to check out the space as well as have a chat with a few of our members and get a feel for what we want to do with the space. As usual, we have events on in the space during the weeks ahead and the list is always growing. I even got a few ideas for some bi-weekly/monthly group nights and I’ll try ask about these on the list next week. RFID and/or lock picking anyone? 🙂

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  1. Too many secrets 🙂 great film, good to hear that your open night went well, I have a simple lock picking kit so will try to meet up at your next meet and will hopefully join the ranks of TOG. rather than just read the RSS feeds.

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