New jQuery class starts on Monday

We are starting a new jQuery class.
This class is booked out! Maybe you have more luck next time.
Please fill out the form (it’s linked to the full article) and we give you a call a soon as we have the next class ready.

The first class is on Monday 7th of December at 7:30pm in Tog.

Robert Mooney will hold the lecture. He is a web designer and covers
the basics of jQuery. Later on, Rob is going to introduce plugins and Ajax.

“Hi, I’m Rob. As a web designer, I work with JavaScript on a daily basis. Writing JavaScript can be surprisingly complicated at times, and browser compatibility problems make it a frustrating experience. To my mind jQuery has greatly simplified the process, and made it much easier for non-programmers to make JavaScript enabled sites. My aim for the class is to teach the basics of jQuery using concepts that students will already be familiar with (such as CSS and HTML) and slowly introduce more advanced topics, such as plugins and Ajax. Hopefully, students will come away with the confidence to write simple scripts, and have an idea how to customise sample code and plugins to their needs.”

The dates for the class are  7th and 14th of December,  4th and 11th of January.
You will learn in a small class with cookies, tea and coffee.
The course will cost you €30 as a non-member of Tog and will be free for members.

The seats are limited so give fill out the form below if you or someone you know would be interested.

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