December in TOG involves lots of sugar

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don't need to knit jumpers for snails...)

The true meaning of sugar craftnight: sugar and craft (we don’t need to knit jumpers for snails…)

As has become tradition, the last craftnight of the year is sugar craftnight. So on Tuesday, December 9th from about 6.30pm TOG will become a sugar disaster waiting to happen. Everyone is welcome to join us! There won’t be as much crafting happening on the evening as usual craftnights, but we’ll be delighted with anyone who wants to craft! I’ll bring a bag of Christmassy craft supplies so you can glue shiny things to other less shiny things.

For a discussion on who’s bringing what treats, check out the craft mailing list . If you subscribe to it you’ll get reminders of future craftnights too, after all, craftnight is for life not just for Christmas. Craftnight will return in the New Year on Tuesday, January 6th.

There might be some Christmassy workshops planned too, but everything’s all hush hush at the moment (it’s still only November!), we’ll let you know as soon as we can though!

Soap Making Masterclass

What: Soap Making Masterclass

Where: TOG!!

When: Sunday 23rd Nov 4pm

How much: €5 donation to Tog


Soapmaking master Judit Somogyi will be be showing us how to make sudsy artwork to delight

A perfect xmas present for someone special (or someone stinky!)


Come along and learn a simple but powerful new craft

Materials will be provided


December 2014 Book Club

*top edit*
This post has been redacted. There shall be no bookclub on 12th December. Due to members having lives. If you really want one, please comment suggesting an alternative date. Otherwise we’ll meetup 16th January. If you’d like to have another book to read (it will be a two-month gap), please visit the goodreads group page, and we’ll pick one together. Sorry about the confusion.
*end of top edit*

Yes! Friday, 12th December, at 19:30, we’ll meet for the last time this year. We’ll reminisce about our favourite books of the year gone by, and discuss this months book; chosen by random number generator – Gateway by Frederik Pohl.

Gateway opened on all the wealth of the Universe…and on reaches of unimaginable horror. When prospector Robinette Broadhead went out to Gateway on the Heechee spacecraft, he decided he would know which was the right mission to make him his fortune. Three missions later, now famous and permanently rich, Rob Broadhead has to face what happened to him and what he is…in a journey into himself as perilous and even more horrifying than the nightmare trip through the interstellar void that he drove himself to take!

Science Champion Medals

We were itching to give our laser cutter a good trial run, when our friends over at Science Hack Day Dublin need some medals created. We started off with their logo and reworked to make it more laser cutter friendly. Check out the results below.  If your interested in laser cutting drop by the space sometime.



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The metal lathe’s shiny new cover

The lathe in its new cover near its friend the tiny geodesic dome.

The lathe in its new cover near its friend the tiny geodesic dome.

A few of TOG’s members got together and put a metal lathe in the workshop. The workshop is the most appropriate place for it, but also the place it’s most likely to gather dust (from other people’s projects, the lathe will get plenty of use). So the first project for the lathe was to build it a cover.
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Science Hack Day Dublin

Science Hack Day DublinScience Hack Day DublinIMG_20141011_211001 (1) is a 36 hour hardware and software hackathon. A social event with creativity and love of science at its heart.  Each year it brings together coders, designers, scientists, engineers and makers simply to make interesting things. Why? For adventure, for playfulness, for science! This year the event moves to UCD on the 15th & 16th November.

Here in TOG, we have been looking forward to Science Hack Day since the last one ended. Over the past few months we have been stock piling cool hardware, boards and sensors just for two days of fun. We plan on moving most of our electronics lab to UCD to help people get making. Check out the photo to the right for some of the gear we will be bringing.


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