Washing Machine = Patio Heater

heaterTake the TOG test by selecting the correct answer.

Q: Your washing machine dies and you get a new one. What do you do with the old one?

1. When your new one is delivered, let the delivery crew take the old one away.
2. Take the old one to your local WEEE recycling centre.
3. Take the old one apart to see how it works. Harvest all the useful parts and use the parts to make something else.

The correct answer of course is number 3, but you knew that anyway. That makes you the kind of person that would probably like TOG.

So the trusty washing machine from 1996 was getting a bit tired. The drum bearings needed replacing (a relatively straightforward job)…they were squealing louder and louder. The drain pump started to make a racket and wouldn’t empty after a wash…. maybe it was seized or something jammed in it. Looking inside, it was obvious that it was leaking a bit also, probably when it was spinning. Time for a new machine.

Taking apart the old one, there’s a lot of interesting and useful bits. There’s a nice AC motor and an electronic speed controller. There’s some pulleys and a drive belt. There are also assorted hoses, electrical bits and valves. There’s also the stainless steel drum. Removing the drum from its aluminium mounting, and adding a few steel legs….. we have instant patio heater. Who needs a chiminea! Being stainless steel, it wont rust either.

We gave the new heater a test run this week and it worked a treat. Come in and stand around it at the next open social. Lots of pics here

Ducks back in stock

So after being down for last few months the Lasersaur Laser 14.03 are back in action and seems after first few cuts much better accuracy.

We will be cutting out lots of things on Friday 18th if you can make it to our Culture Night to check out the space.

See you at culture night.

Culture Night 2015 @ TOG

Culture Night 2015 programme 269 x 361


Last year was our first Culture Night opening, and was one of our busiest days of the year (possibly due in part to us being unknowingly featured in the Irish Times)

For 2015 we want to make it better again!

All our groups – electronics, lockpicking, coding, crafting and craft-beering have flourished over the last 12 months, and new groups such as CAD and art have taken off.

We have made loads of projects and aquired great new equipment that we are eager to show off.

DSC_1201 3hex DSC_0104

So please join us! For 5 mins or 5 hours :)

All welcome no matter what the weather, we will have all kinds of crazy technology and projects to show off, with tours, demos and tasters throughout the night.


And remember: we have the synchronous hackathon and pizza night the next day!

Stop over Saturday for a scrumptious open social :)


pizza oven 2

OSM MapJam Saturday 12th Sept

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Ireland members will meet next Sat 12th in Dublin and do OSM mappy stuff on laptops in TOG. Like an indoor mapping party / hack day / social meet up / barcamp.
What is OpenStreetMap?
OpenStreetMap is a world wide, open content map. It’s often referred to as the Wikipedia of maps in reference to the fact that it is open to be edited by anyone.
If you’d like to learn more about OpenStreetMap, come along! Want to start mapping your local area, and want help? Come along! Want to find out how to use the low level OpenStreetMap data? Come along! This event is open to all.
If you’re already an OSM mapper and would like come, but not sure what to do, don’t worry we have loads of townlands to map and plenty of people who will give you a hand learning the details.
Where and When?
Tog Dublin Hackerspace
Saturday 12th Sept 12-6pm

Lockpicking @ Science Gallery SECRET Exhibition

Pin_tumbler_unlocked.svgJester here, I have been invited to run a 2 hour hands on lockpicking workshop in the Science Gallery as part of their SECRET Exhibition on the 10th and 15th of September 2015. The first date sold out quicker than I would get around to putting up a blog post, so allow me to tell you about the 2nd one.

The event description is on the Science Gallery website is HERE. In the 2 hour session I will include 30 minutes of presentation slides showing the inside of a lock, and how we manipulate the lock without the use of a key. I will also show examples of other types of locks that you might see on a regular basis, and the possible insecurities of these locks. This is followed by us giving lockpicking a go ourselves. The Science Gallery were kind enough to supply locks and lockpicks for the session, but I will also bring along some of TOG’s collection from the Ha’penny Bridge.

If you are interested, I have placed the booking form below, or please jump over to the Science Gallery booking page HERE and grab yourself a place

Board Game Night


As many of you may be aware, we’ve been thinking long and hard about running game nights in Tog for a while now. You may have even played a few games with us at one of our open socials, but finally the stars have aligned and we’re now running a regular Board Game Night on the first Friday of the month 6:30 to 10:30pm starting from THIS FRIDAY, 4th September.

The basic concept of Board Game Night is that once per month a game is selected as the main focus of the night, and we’ll try to get a few copies of the game (when possible) so that everyone that comes can play and enjoy that game. It wont always be possible to have multiple copies, so we will have other similarly themed games going on simultaneously when that’s not possible.

It’s free and open to everyone, so just come down and play some games!


For our first night, we’re kicking off with Splendor as our main game of choice. We will of course have others available including Small World, Ticket to Ride, Boss Monster and others should we get a big group enough together.

Splendor is a game of chip-collecting and card development. Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops—all in order to acquire the most prestige points. If you’re wealthy enough, you might even receive a visit from a noble at some point, which of course will further increase your prestige.” BoardGameGeek