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Workshop: Intro to LilyPad

E-textiles, electro-craft, wearable electronics; it’s about taking technology and transforming it around your body, creating symbiosis. Helping technology meld seemlessly into the very fabric of our lives. Whether you’re looking to augment the human condition or you’re more interested in the romantic ethereal glow of twinkly lights, you have to start somewhere. LilyPad is a […]

Playing with Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a Virtual Reality headset which enables the wearer to get full stereoscopic vision in a 3D environment along with real time head tracking. The manufacturer describes it as “a next-generation virtual reality headset designed for immersive gaming.” Last night before the biweekly Lock Picking meet-up, I (Sean Nicholls) brought in my […]

Bubble Bird House at the Picnic

We are delighted to be invited to this year’s Electric Picnic, taking place this weekend. The new and improved Bubble Bird House will be spreading bubbles all over the Midfield area. Since the Dublin Mini Maker Faire, we have replaced the fans of the bird house with new more powerful ones. This should help the […]

GaelHack recap

And now we have a (wonderfully detailed) guest post from Jon on what we got up to at GaelHack last June. In January of this year discussion started on the Irish hackerspace mailing list about the feasibility of holding the first hackerspace conference in Ireland. Hacker camps and conferences around the world have become a […]

Workshop: Multithreaded servers in Java

This intermediate workshop will focus on teaching people to build a basic multi-threaded server and learning to work with data in a multi-threaded environment. This will be a very hand-on workshop with an open discussion throughout on different server models, sockets & IO, throughput, threads and data-management. The focus of the workshop is get people […]

LilyPad Workshop

Think about a coat that detects changes in air and body temperature and automatically adjusts to keep you comfortable. How about a sonar based device enabling you to see in the dark? Or always having your music player, video player, radio, and mobile phone with you wherever you go because they are built into your […]