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Workshop: Intro to LilyPad

E-textiles, electro-craft, wearable electronics; it’s about taking technology and transforming it around your body, creating symbiosis. Helping technology meld seemlessly into the very fabric of our lives. Whether you’re looking to augment the human condition or you’re more interested in the romantic ethereal glow of twinkly lights, you have to start somewhere. LilyPad is a […]

Bubble Birdhouse

We have been working on projects that all went down really well at Maker Faire this year and will be working on over the coming months to improve as we go along. One project that I worked on with another member is the Bubble Birdhouse. It all started with some messing/science trying to make bubbles […]

The TwitterKnitter

One of TOG’s projects for the Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013. This 40 year old, entirely mechanical knitting machine was upgraded with servos, electronics and laser cut parts, and spent the day knitting tweets sent by attendees.

Review of The Arduino Starter Kit

During Maker Faire New York, Jeffrey and Robert were offered the opportunity to review the new official Arduino Starter Kit. We’ve had the kit now for over a month now and finally got a chance to properly review it. The first thing you notice is that the retail packaging is beautiful. A simple cardboard box […]

Workshops @ Rua Red

Robert and Jeffrey will be leading two workshops in RUA RED as part of the Glitch festival. Glitch  runs from the 11th May until the 16th June. It hosts artists who utilise both virtual and real spaces to create their work with a a focus on Collective Intelligence , Immersive Technology and  Open Source Technology.   Workshop 1 […]

Arduino for Coders

Do you want to make things blink? Build interactive art? Construct robots to take over the world? The Arduino is for you. It’s intended for  designers and hobbyists. It is an easy to use device made for real people. The Arduino will open the worldof physical computing to you. This course starts at the beginning but will move at […]