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Space Open/Closed project

We are now live on Hackerspaces API. This project is based off a Bifferboard running Debian that checks I/O port 11 on the Bifferboard to see if its connected to knife switch. It then connects to websites and updates every minutes with status if space is open or closed. Great bit of hardware and cheap […]

T-Shirts for Sale

Finally after long hall on this project we have it down to an art and the Tog T-Shirts are printed. If you would like a tshirt leave a comment down below or fill in contact details and size on. €20 (support tog)

Gopro camera CNC

We put the GoPro Camera in with the CNC while cutting out a Iphone shape.

Cargo Bike Box installed

Cargo bike has had a bit of a face lift with a new box on the front, steering is kind of hard with someone in it but it works.

Screen Printing V2

Few updated parts in screen printing have replaced the aluminum with lenght of steel and have been able to dial in accuracy much better. Few things on the screen board that need to be changed but should be easy and then we will be printing (Finally)

Lots and Lots of sugar

Lots of Sugar consumed at this week’s Craft Night. Some would say too much. To those we replied ‘bah, here, take some home with you!’ It was a great turn out, some even showed up unaware of the sugar assault that lay in wait for them. We cooked, we baked, we iced, and we ate! […]